Pin Me Up โ€“ Dare to Wear Your Underwear (lesson 1)


โ€œCurves are constantly being judged and I believe that embracing yourself will never be outdated. What a better brand than Curvy Couture Intimates to embody the powerful message that curves are here to shine and so are you.โ€ โ€“ Jenny Rieu.


A native from Paris, France Jenny Rieu is a Curve model with a passion for retro and beautiful lingerie and beautiful clothes. Through her social media handles & website, Jenny has been building up an organic following of over 80,000 followers who follow her adventures as a modern pin-up and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles.

[Note that this column for ” Pin Me Up “ was first released on The Lingerie Journal on December 12th, 2016. I have decided to finally branch out and start a brand new platform so that I am able to write everyday and not be restricted by any other entity but my own. I will now be posting fashion stories and tips for all women on the regular basis. This website is my Fashion and Lingerie Diary. So thank you for keeping up with me and reading.]

Read : Pin Me Up โ€“ Dare to Wear Your Underwear (lesson 1)



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