Retro Futuristic


This is one of my favorite fashion look to date. It includes a stretchy white pencil dress I have had for a while, an overbust cream corset pictured below and a pair of black flat vintage shoes I was gifted at the Vintage Expo of Los Angeles. This is a very practical and comfortable look for the busy woman, who wants to look sleek when she has to head out to work. Yet the white color can be a little daunting for most of us, but I love it so much on brown skin, as it pops and brings out a more sophisticated look.


This is the satin steel boned overbust corset I wore underneath to accentuate my natural hourglass.


The first time I saw that dress it reminded me of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, so I knew I had to have it. Of course the dress I am wearing is much longer and this is why it is so appropriate to wear to work. If you have curves like I do (size 14), you know that short dresses can become your worst ennemy, if you are trying to create a professional look. This dress is below the knee length and I love it because it doesn’t ride up.


To perfect the look I added my retro-futuristic inspired sunglasses by Retrosunnies. I wear them all the time, as they pretty much go with everything. And I added a pair of vintage flat shoes. I love the practicality of this look, as this suits any woman who is on the go and doesn’t have time for extra accessories. I believe it looks minimalist and retro-futuristic inspired also due to the location that has a striking Brutalist architecture. Note the teak accents behind me that complements my skin tone.


And remember to stay hydrated throughout the summer as it does get pretty hot in Southern California.

*Photo Credit: Jason Kamimura Photography.

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