Pin Me Up: Plus Size is Glam (Lesson 3)

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Photos by Jason Kamimura Photography.

“ The Candice Gwinn 1940s long robe is the epiphany of Old-Hollywood glamour and I felt like Jean Harlow wearing it.” – Jenny Rieu.

Story by Jenny Rieu

A native from Paris, France Jenny Rieu is a Curve model with a passion for retro and beautiful lingerie. Through her social media handles & website, Jenny has been building up an organic following of over 80,000 followers combined who follow her adventures as a modern pin-up and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles.

[Note that this column for ” Pin Me Up “ was first released on The Lingerie Journal on February 1st, 2017. I have decided to finally branch out and start a brand new platform so that I am able to write everyday and not be restricted by any other entity but my own. I will now be posting fashion stories and tips for all women on the regular basis. This website is my Fashion and Lingerie Diary. So thank you for keeping up with me and reading.]

The Plus size industry has been exploding within the course of just a few years. Yet, we are constantly told what we should or shouldn’t wear. What looks good and what doesn’t on a plus size body. But, at the end of the day, I believe it’s up to us to decide what we want to wear and be fearless while doing it. Brands that cater to the plus size market have yet to create designs that are more lavish and glamorous.


As a retro enthusiast and what’s considered a petite plus size model myself, I am always on the lookout for brands that have a glamorous feel. I am especially fond of brands that are capable of recreating the Old-Hollywood style.

Sadly, we rarely see plus size women and especially women of color who have curves portrayed in that style. Nonetheless, it is a style that fits any woman who wants to feel timeless and stand out.


For this column I decided to team up with the New Orleans-based brand, Trashy Diva. I created a series of photos in collaboration with photographer, Jason Kamimura Photography to illustrate that being plus size can be glamorous and sexy. I have been contemplating doing a review about a lingerie piece that can be worn as outerwear and this is now checked off my list.

About Trashy Diva

In 1999, Candice Gwinn launched the Trashy Diva clothing line, a collection of vintage-inspired frocks featuring a long silk and satin 1930s-style dress and coat. The collection was met with much success and led Candice to expand the collections featuring vintage-inspired styles from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s ranging from size 0 to 24.


Her design inspiration not only comes from vintage clothing but also from Trashy Diva customers and the 30 women she employs. I have known about Trashy Diva for a number of years now and I wanted to review some of their lingerie pieces for a while as they are well curated and executed.

jenny1 (1)

Above: French artist Gemini.H recently created this wonderful illustration of Jenny Rieu wearing the Trashy Diva Candice Gwinn 1940s long robe.

The Candice Gwinn 1940s long robe is the epiphany of Old-Hollywood glamour and I felt like Jean Harlow wearing it. This ankle-length robe is part of the new Velvet collection released by the brand towards the end of 2016. I love that it feels elegant and versatile and it has a flattering vintage silhouette that feels like an accurate replica from the era.


Wearing The Candice Gwinn 1940s long Robe, paired with Harlow & Fox Eleanor Grey Set and a Vintage La Perla Velvet mini purse from my personal collection.

“I can see myself wearing this robe many different ways and it is now part of my staple pieces that I hope to own and wear for the rest of my life.”

You can wear it as a “boudoir piece” to lounge around your house, or if you are more daring, it can be worn as an evening gown paired with a slip or beautiful lingerie underneath. The robe is made of Rayon and Silk Velvet with billowing sleeves and it feels luxurious the minute you put it on. I love that it has a lot of fabric as it adds more drama to the whole look and it’s all about the legs.

I wore this robe three different ways: with lingerie, with lingerie and a corset on, and with a sheer bra and a slip.

When I look back at the photos my favorite look remains the one where it shows more leg and where my waistline is accentuated. I enjoyed wearing the robe off the shoulders but I do love the neckline of the robe if worn in its original configuration.


The gown opens at the front with a hook and seven buttons, but I do wish the buttons went past the belly button. I own a vintage robe in that exact style and what I love about it is that it closes past the belly button, however it doesn’t reveal the legs as much as the Candice Gwinn 1940s robe does.

I can see myself wearing this robe many different ways and it is now part of my staple pieces that I hope to own and wear for the rest of my life. The robe is available in US sizes 2 through 24 and I am wearing the size 16. I think a size 14 would have given me a tighter fit around the bust, but I like having room to breathe and the option to tailor a design to my measurements.

*Get this look by clicking the links below:

Eleanor Grey Slip

All Photos by Jason Kamimura Photography.

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