30 Day Yoga Challenge.

I recently discovered the most amazing Yoga place in Los Angeles. I started my Yoga journey a decade ago when I was still living in New York city and training to become an actress while attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Something I have learnt as an artist and model is that taking care of your body and soul is crucial. It’s like training like an athlete, your life is kind of like your battlefield. I have changed so much over the course of the past decade. As I went through personal doubts as a performer, became a model and body advocate and also battled with a lesser known medical condition called fibroids.

The interesting thing is that despite the obstacles I have faced in my life, I still went back to yoga, as this practice positively impacts me. It helps me reflect on my goals and what needs to be done next. It also helps me build up strength physically and mentally. 

Finding a good Yoga studio is key, as you really want to feel great where you do your practice. I never feel rushed or stressed out when I go to Soho Yoga DTLA. The staff is genuinely kind and welcoming. That is why, I went ahead and purchased a one month membership to figure out if this was the right fit for me. The fee was $30 for the first one month unlimited and includes a 2 hour free parking validation. A rate that is the best in La La Land given that you get unlimited access to the studio, they even give you a free mat towel if you check in on social media and there is plenty of space inside the studio for your to practice. After attending classes at least 3 times a week for the past 4 weeks, I decided to push myself further and signed up for their 30 day challenge.

This week I took a variety of classes, from Sweat & Sculpt, Sweat and Stretch, to Power Flow classes as well as one Yin & Restore class. I love the Power flow classes because they are a great balance between cardio work and working on letting go. The Sweat & Sculpt and Sweat & Stretch are more intense. I also think that listening to your body and finding a balance is key in any yoga practice. The great thing about yoga is that you can really stop and breathe and do what feels right on that day. This week I couldn’t do every single pose, but I feel like I pushed myself a great deal. 

When I took the Yin and Restore class on Friday night I was really ready for a break, as my back was sore and my muscles were tired from the non-stop practice of the week.  I had a hard time letting go in that class and was breathing heavily that night. Some of my back muscles were still hurting so I decided to take a Yin & Yang class later this Sunday for my eighth day out of 30 day Challenge at Soho Yoga DTLA.

Note: feeling of lightness and strength when I walk down the street.

Thank you for reading and remember that engaging in a regular physical practice is really important. Working on my body has been a priority again for the past year and a half. I wanted to build up strength and stamina and I am excited to see where this new Yoga journey will take me.

For more info visit: https://www.sohoyoga.com


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