Un après-midi avec FiFi Chachnil

Shot at the Atelier de Fifi Chachil on July 2017 by Jason Kamimura. Jenny is wearing ‘Mon Amant’ lace gown. Corset by Hips and Curves. Make-Up by Beauty Is Life Cosmetics.

This Summer I flew back to Paris, where I was born and raised. I was invited to a family wedding which inspired me to do my first Bridal Editorial entitled: ” Les Plus Belles Photos de Lingerie de Jenny Rieu.” , that was recently published on Ma Grande Taille.com an online French magazine dedicated to plus size fashion. My goal for doing this editorial was primarily to inspire all women and show that plus size gals are equally deserving of glamorous lingerie and to have pretty pictures taken at dream locations.

As the body positive movement is getting bigger and bigger each year, my frustrations at the lack of diversity and access to luxury designs for plus size is gradually dissipating. Of course I feel like there is still a long way to go, but do I still personally feel excluded? Not entirely anymore! I feel a great sense of hope and I think that there are big changes in the works in the fashion and media industries. The plus size market is worth $17 billion and the world is taking notes.

IMG_7045 (1)

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know that I love luxury and Couture brands. I am always on the lookout for new and established lingerie designers from all over the world and this time around I wanted to invite you inside my Dream Fashion House for French Lingerie.

Nearly 6 months ago, I shared a lovely afternoon with one of my favorite French lingerie designers of all time, an icon, and someone I have heard of since I was a teenager: Mademoiselle Fifi Chachnil. I still remember watching documentaries about her on TV, and that’s when I discovered her beautiful babydoll inspired designs. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would get to meet her in person and have a private personal fitting session. I was also permitted to snap pictures outside of her Parisian atelier and improvise a photoshoot for the purpose of this article.

Anyone who loves luxury lingerie as I do, with lots of beautiful French lace and silk fabrics in every color, needs to visit her atelier already. The minute I walked in I felt like a Parisian Princess, something I always try to emulate in most of my photo shoots. It’s my way of paying a tribute to the Parisian aesthetic that I grew up admiring and loving more than anything. Being a former high school student from the Versailles district, I was obsessed with all things regal and Marie-Antoinette inspired. My mum often said of me that I have always loved luxury since I was very little, and that passion has been growing even more since I became an expat moving to America nearly 10 years ago.

IMG_7051 (1)

At the Atelier, Fifi Chachnil selected for me the gorgeous  ” Mon Amant ” lace robe that was made of French lace with gold and pink accents. I felt relieved when I saw that she had picked a design that was adjustable to my size, as I was wondering if anything would even fit me. At first glance, the plus size selection on the website and inside the shop seemed almost non-existent. But at the Atelier, I was told that Fifi accepted bespoke orders all the time.  I can’t stress enough how important it is for designers to have more designs available in a wider size range and preferably past a ” Large ” size. So the fact that the Atelier offered a bespoke option made me feel accepted and embraced.

During the fitting session, Fifi kept telling me that dressing me was like dressing a doll. When I introduced myself to her as a plus size model, she said it was funny to her to use this adjective and that if you are a model you are model regardless of your size. We talked body confidence and how the next generation of women and young girls felt more empowered now than ever. I was really nervous the whole time because Fifi was always kind of a fashion icon to me growing up. So being able to have this conversation and fitting session with her was a dream come true and I felt very privileged.

F​ifi Chachnil and Jenny Rieu striking a pose outside of the Parisian Atelier. Shot by Jason Kamimura Photography.

*Note :

To order the “ Mon Amant “ Lace gown designed by Fifi Chachnil please visit her website, by clicking the link: https://fifichachnil.paris

For size orders you can visit or contact the Fifi Chachnil atelier at 68  rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

I would like to thank the entire team from the Fifi Chachnil Atelier and especially Bridget for connecting us and  the warm welcome! I hope to visit the shop again on my next trip back home.

Bien A Vous Fifi, Jenny.

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