Retro Chic in Lavinia Lingerie

Jenny is wearing the The Lace Overlay Cleavage Boosting Plunge Bra Lavinia Sofia bra (I wear a size 36G) and its matching high waist brief (I wear a size XL). Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography.

The Birth of the brand

I had the pleasure of recently working with the lingerie brand Lavinia Lingerie to share some of my favorite lingerie and swimwear sets that they currently carry.

Lavinia Lingerie was founded in 2002, as a family-owned business that offers lingerie for the woman of today. What caught my attention was that their website also offers quite a few options for plus size ladies who want to dress their curves with the perfect foundation.

I love the peekaboo effect of the high waist panties, it’s extremely sexy and I felt confident rocking this set. Captured by Jason Kamimura Photography.

The new classic 

For years I have been on the lookout for a full-bust push up bra that would be my go to classic set. I immediately fell in love with The Lace Overlay Cleavage Boosting Plunge Bra Lavinia Sofia bra (I wear a size 36G)  and its matching high waist brief (I wear a size XL).


The Fit

I love wearing this bra with everything as it gives me maximum cleavage and support. It also gives the illusion of a sheer lace push up bra, but nothing is revealed. I feel sexy and fully supported wearing it and I finally own a classic bra that doesn’t fully cover my breasts. For  years, I was searching for that perfect plunge bra and Lavinia Lingerie made my dream come true. This style is absolutely classic and timeless and I can’t rave enough about it.

The high waist panties are a little snug around the bikini line, as I am clearly in between sizes right now.  The 2X would have been less tight around my tights, but the waist area would have been too big.

So I am glad I sized down, as I know the garment will also stretch out a bit and relax overtime as I wear this set more and more.


I fell in love with this classic black lingerie set and high waist briefs to match. I felt right at home the minute I put it on and I know that I can wear it with confidence.

So if you have always wanted to embrace your inner Sofia Loren, this gorgeous retro inspired lingerie set will definitely give you that feel.


*Find out more about this set by visiting the Lavinia website and clicking the links below:

Sailor Pinup Gal

1940s Pinup girl wearing a swimsuit by Forluna Swimwear found through Lavinia Lingerie. Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography.

The 1940s Aesthetic

My second choice as part of my collaboration with Lavinia Lingerie was a Sailor Inspired swimsuit that they carry by Forluna Swimwear. That swimsuit is such a classic piece and I am happy to introduce it to you with a modern vintage twist.

I immediately fell  in love with that set, as it reminds me of the Technicolor films from the 1940s. I immediately was on the lookout for a location with a vintage feel and beautiful colors to complement the swimsuit I wore. And Manhattan Beach Pier was perfect for that.

The first photo was taken in front of the showers that had the most magnificent tiles I had ever seen. I felt inspired and was reminded of my love for pinup modeling.


I also styled my hair in a 1940s inspired hairdo and added scarf to match my swimsuit. Red lips were also a thing then, so I wore the shade of American Beauty by Besame Cosmetics, as they are the only brand that exactly replicates the lipstick colors from the past with precision.

What still really strikes me when I look at the world of pinups then and now is the lack of inclusivity. That’s why I take pride in breaking down those barriers by working with a variety of brands. I feel like everyone deserves to be represented and there shouldn’t be just one cookie cutter pinup look, like the one that has been the “ model” forever.


To this day, women of color still aren’t playing enough leads in movies or getting cast in mainstream campaigns and that needs to change.

The Fit of the Swimsuit

I wore a 36G bikini top and an XL for the bottoms and the fit was really perfect. I felt supported and I was happy that the bottoms were high waist as they are my go to even for my everyday underwear. The band isn’t too tight and I feel like the cups of the bikini are true to size.


If you would like more info about this set, feel free to click the links below.

-Plus size Bikini top by Lauma Swim Regata:

-Full Brief Bikini Bottom by Lauma Swim Regata:


All photos by Jason Kamimura Photography.

Thank you for reading!



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