A Self Love Letter ” in partnership with Harlow & Fox.

Valentines Day is a celebration of love – but we also want to remember to celebrate self-love, as well as romantic love. Of course, we believe that beautiful lingerie has the power to make yourself feel even more amazing – an extra special version of yourself – and that is for every day of the year, not just Valentines!

To honour that, I have teamed up with some incredible women to celebrate loving yourself, inside and out. Together we are running a giveaway over on Instagram to win a £500 gift card, so if you’re reading this before midnight PST on 13th February, head over there and enter! If you’re too late by the time you read it, it’s still so worth reading through all of the entries, there are so many uplifting and inspiring stories of love, and resilience, and joyfulness at so many aspects of ourselves!

💌❣️GIVEAWAY TIME❣️💌 As Valentine’s day is approaching I wanted to offer all of my female followers the opportunity to treat yourself. Wearing and modeling Lingerie for the past two years, has been the most empowering experience of my life, because it connected me to all of you and I am forever grateful for that! To thank you I have partnered up with three amazing women to give you this amazing giveaway “ A Self Love Letter to yourself” You could win luxury lingerie by my favorite lingerie designer of all time @harlowandfox The Prize is £500 giftcard 🎁 TO ENTER: . . . 1. Follow @thebreastlife @pinupgigimarie @harlowandfox @jennyrieu 2. Comment something you love about yourself! It can be anything, big or small, and can be on any of our accounts as long as it is on the competition image. 3. For an extra chance to win, either repost this image (or create one of your own!) with your own love letter to yourself in the caption, with the hashtag #hfselfloveletter (please note your account will need to be public for us to see this) 4. For an extra chance on top of that, comment again tagging three friends! Entries close midnight PST February 13th, and the winner will be announced on Valentines Day. ** Please note giveaway accounts are not eligible, there is no cash prize alternative, and this contest is not affiliated with Instagram. Gift card cannot be used for bespoke orders*** GOOD LUCK! #spons 📷 @jasonkamimuraphotography • • • #selfloveletter #hfselfloveletter #diversitymatters #inclusivity #bodyconfidence #giveawaytime #luxurylingerie #lingerieaddict #confianceensoi #confiance #womensupportwomen #womenempoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #empoweringwoman #representationmatters #ownit #ownwhoyouare #jennyrieu X #harlowandfox X #pinupgigimarie #thebreastlife #intimates

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Each of us participants in the main campaign have not only had a portrait taken by Jason Kamimura Photography wearing one of the new Harlow & Fox SS18 collections, but we also all wrote a love letter to ourselves, and we’re just all loving how different they all are from each other, each celebrating the unique woman who wrote it, in her own way.

IMG_1340 (2)


Five years ago, I remember being diagnosed with having 12 fibroids in my uterus, going through artificial menopause, and then having a c-section and a three hour surgery to remove them. I would look at my tummy after the surgery and attempt to angle myself in the mirror. I would tell myself I am going to lose that pouch because I felt it wasn’t me anymore, at least not the Me I remembered.

I then found healing through wearing lingerie and I finally embraced the new me in all of these new gorgeous curves.  I now feel unstoppable, empowered and I know that my biggest obstacle to achieving my dreams is myself. Every day I keep telling myself that I am worthy and that I can pave my own way and achieve everything I want to achieve because I have set my intentions and worked for it.

I am a go-getter and I will always cherish my creativity and passion for my craft. I have also learnt that by sharing my story and my love for myself I am able to inspire other women to do the same. And that to me is the most wonderful gift.

I will stay true to who I am body and soul and continue to adapt to who I have become.  And I won’t forget where I come from.So I am making that promise that I won’t ever call myself a failure ever again and that to me is a true Self Love Letter.


I am wearing the Juliette brasuspender and short



Dear Elisabeth:

I can’t believe how much I still love and adore you after 61 years. We’ve been through so much together; raising 3 kids, ending a 25-year marriage, and launching a writing career at 50. And what’s surprising is how much you care about me with each passing year. (But no more changing hair colors, please. I love this current look.) Can’t wait to see what you do next!

Love you always


Elisabeth wears the soon to be released Persephone bra and high waist brief, and Cassiopeia plain black silk kimono



Roses are red…

Violets are blue…

How does one write a love letter to themselves? I see you everyday, and love you more and more each year.

I have watched you grow from a young girl who always picked at her body’s flaws. You would pinch your stomach, and hide your thighs so the tell-tale lines of womanhood wouldn’t show.

Then you blossomed and became aware that your body belonged to you, and no one else. You found love in every curve, mark, or “flaw” you had. You learned to love your heart, mind, and soul before your physical image. You have empathy, nurturing and caring ways, dedication, self confidence, determination, and a drive to make sure everyone knows how important they are.

You love yourself and therefore you love everyone surrounding you in the best way possible. By being you, and loving your mind and body, you help others learn to love themselves as they are. Stay true to you xoxox

I love myself…

How about you?

Gigi wears the Eleanor Almond bias cut silk gown and Juliette steel boned sheer mesh and embroidery corset

All photography by Jason Kamimura

I hope that you all feel inspired like I did when I produced this unique campaign in collaboration with Harlow & Fox, Elisabeth Dale, Gigi Marie and Jason Kamimura Photography. One of my dreams for 2018 was to create more campaigns with more women and I feel like I am just getting started. Now is a great time to have a voice in our society and show how resilient we all are. I also want to add that supporting one another is key and I hope that everyone following this campaign will feel inspired and supported as we are all showing ourselves in such a vulnerable way.

It has been an interesting journey for all of us and participating in such a meaningful project always reminds me of how blessed I am that I get to do what I love in my own terms and that I keep meeting such beautiful souls.

Love, Always and a big thank you for your support.


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