Parisienne stay at Hotel Blomet

Lingerie by Harlow and Fox. Foundation by Beauty Is Life Cosmetics. Nails by Louboutin Beauté. Photos by Nusinamn.

As I am heading back to my native Paris this coming Monday, I am excited to share my stay at the historical Hotel Eiffel Blomet. I was able to get a taste of this boutique hotel on my last trip to Paris back in early January of this year. It has been a bit of a whirlwind for me since 2018 kicked off. This is my fourth time traveling, I went to Paris, New York, Mexico and I am about to head back to Paris to work on a top secret project.

Wearing a Harlow and Fox Lingerie set. Shot by Nusinamn

Traveling is something that remains challenging in the sense that my anxiety kicks in and I usually have a much harder time falling asleep. So I can’t stress enough how important it is to find a good hotel. I experienced it first hand when I went to New York to pitch to clients and attend Curve NYC. I was sleepless for about two weeks. So I am excited to talk about my flawless stay at Hotel Eiffel Blomet.

This hotel is located just behind the Eiffel Tower and on the same street as the Jazz Café Blomet. I immediately felt connected to the neighborhood, as it has a rich history of cabaret and the café itself used to be called “ Le Bal Nègre.” The legendary Joséphine Baker visited that café. With that in mind I was fascinated by the fact that the suite where I stayed had this giant photograph honoring Joséphine’s memory. And there was an additional frame referencing the Exposition Universelle sitting on top of my bed.

unnamed (3)

unnamed (6)
Close up of the Joséphine Baker photo.

It is no secret that I once performed my own cabaret show all over Los Angeles and I included songs by Joséphine Baker as part of my sets. So I felt taken by the hotel right away. It’s always the little details that make all the difference. The balcony view was priceless and I also loved how timeless the bathroom was. I tend to be attracted to hotels that are more intimate, but with a sense of details and a history that I can relate to. It makes my stay more personal and meaningful stay.

Private Balcony outside of my suite at Hotel Eiffel Blomet.
unnamed (1)
Black and white checkered bathroom selfie.

I was able to take several pictures in a lingerie set designed by Harlow & Fox that evoked old-Paris. I went for a “Gamine” look that was 1920s-1930s inspired and it was easy to include it in this minimalist decor. I also wore one of my favorite lace bodysuit from Zathiya Lingerie for a selfie. My hotel stay included a complimentary access to the Art Deco pool, as well as usage of the Sauna and Hammam that were located in the Spa part of the hotel. 

unnamed (10)

unnamed (8).jpg

My stay felt like a very secluded and private experience with only one or two other couples that used the pool at the same time as me. I cherish my privacy, as it helps me disconnect from stress and recharge my batteries for my next shoot or creative venture. My stay also included a complementary French breakfast with croissants, coffee, a fresh squeezed orange juice and toasts.

I really enjoyed my time at Hotel Eiffel Blomet and I felt like the service was excellent. My suite was extremely comfortable and my only regret is  that I didn’t have a personal tub, as it is my preference. I will happily renew my stay in the future, as I feel it is also the perfect way to discover a Parisian neighborhood.


Thank you for reading and I hope that you feel inspired as much as I was when I stayed there.

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