Love Your Body at Any Size

💋Beauty is an attitude not a size💋

Lingerie on the right provided by Tuttirouge Lingerie. Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography.

Always remember this, you can be any size and still radiate. That’s no secret that how you feel inside matters more than anything. Since I was little I always laughed. Yes there are tough times, but in those moments you build yourself up. At my heaviest I’m the most resilient, strongest & most determined! 🙏 Namaste.

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So last night I was cyber-bullied by a very insecure  young girl. I responded back by calling her out on all of my social media handles. I do what I do because I enjoy it and I grow from it. Growing up, it was always my dream to be an Actress/Singer and Model. After pursuing acting and singing for a while, I found my way into the pin-up community upon moving from New York to LA back in 2010. From that I produced my own cabaret show and started my professional modeling career back in 2014, when I modeled for Pinup Girl Clothing and their “Couture for Everybody Campaign”. I was at my most vulnerable during that time, but decided to make the most of that experience and had a blast.

2nd Bullying post
This is the second post that : Officiallyviviennetaylor  decided to share to illustrate her point.

Everyday I strive to pursue my dreams, work hard, eat clean, workout, and I choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Yet still I don’t fit into society’s beauty standards. There are and there will always be people telling me that I look unhealthy, that I should lose weight and workout. I think it is a shame that some people are still so brainwashed by what they considered the ideal beauty standard, as shown in the post of Jayne Mansfield below, along with a definition of what Curvy is.

Beauty Standards from the 1950s
Pictured here is actress Jayne Mansfield.

Definition of Curvy.

“Why hide your body or yourself because you are not a size 0?”

The amount of support and love I have received back from followers and non-followers was mind-blowing. I didn’t expect for this to bring in so many good people. What is really painful in all of this, is that these attacks were made to hurt me personally. I actually met the troll at a retro shop over a year ago, but I didn’t remember. Apparently she held a grudge against me, without me knowing and started leaving mean comments below my photos a few months ago. I blocked her and forgot about it. Cyber-bullying along with stalking are such a big issue when you decide to put yourself out there like I do.

The whole experience really made me realize that posting on social media can attract crazy people. I still want to have a voice in this world and I feel like I was meant to be part of the body positive movement. Becoming a pin-up model contributed to making me more body positive and self-accepting. It has also opened my eyes on the fact that all bodies are beautiful and everyone deserves a place in our society. And everyone obviously deserves to wear beautiful clothes. My message isn’t about glamorizing a certain body type, it’s about celebrating myself as a woman and an artist.

Here are some re-posts by fellow Instagrammers supporting me.

Some of the support messages shared supportmessage4.jpg

This is why I decided to continue branding myself as a pin-up model and plus size model. And I can’t tell you how many women have thanked me for giving them better lingerie options or inspired them to “Slay”. Why hide your body or yourself because you are not a size 0? At the end of the day we only live once and I believe that loving yourself and others is the way to go.

Furthermore, Pin up modeling is for me  a form of therapy and also taking the power back. It is about knowing that all women and all bodies are beautiful and have a place in our society. When I first started in the industry, it was a way of  re-discovering my body and myself, after a physical trauma. My body has changed throughout the years due to personal medical issues, which I have previously exposed. (cf: I have worked through them and still do; and will not tolerate any cyber-bullying about myself or  anyone else.

Wearing Curvy Kate Swimwear.
Wearing Curvy Kate – Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography.

I will end on this note, that if we can’t support one another how the Hell are we going to positively move forward in a world that is already falling apart. Being creative helps get my feelings out there and express myself, and I feel blessed for that. But I also feel like people should stop tearing each  other apart, as there is enough negativity and hatred in this world.

Thank you for reading and remember to always Own Who You Are.




Photo on the left taken in Greece back in 2006. Photo on the right shot in Hollywood by Heidi Calvert Photography in 2017.

I was shocked when I found the picture on the left in my archives. I thought to myself: “did I really look like that 10 years ago? ” My tummy is the most sensitive topic here. As I revealed it before, I underwent a heavy surgery 3 years ago to remove 12 fibroids.  Prior to the surgery I had to be placed under artificial menopause to help shrink the fibroids and prepare my body for the surgery, back in December 2014.  I had to receive several painful injections and that process was a bit difficult, but I had the best support system around me: my husband. The hardest part of the treatment, were the multiple side effects. I had hot flashes, mood swings, my period stop for several months and I simply didn’t really feel like myself at all. I remember at the time, I was working out like crazy hoping to loose weight and shrink the fibroids naturally. But in reality I looked like I was 6 months pregnant, I had horrible pelvic cramps and having sexual intercourse was extremely painful.

That same year marked my professional modeling debuts for the ” Couture for Everybody Campaign ” for Pinup Girl Clothing  (shot by Holly West) and you can’t tell at all what I was going through when you look at the picture below.

Couture for Every Body Campaign Pinupgirlclothing

” Couture for Everybody Campaign ” for Pinup Girl Clothing  (by Holly West)

I have always been able to hide or utilize my emotions as I perform in front of the camera or for an audience. And that’s exactly what I did on set that day (September 4th, 2014), I delivered and ignored the pain I was in both emotionally and physically. It was my dream to model for that brand, so I made sure to kick ass and let my light shine through.

What truly affected me, post surgery was the fact that I had to get a contraceptive implant  a month after getting my fibroids removed. It was supposed to help regulate, but I didn’t tolerate the implant and ended up gaining another size. I also suffered never ending period each month and my breasts grew even bigger. On July 5th, 2017, I decided to remove the implant because I had enough. 3 years of non-stop treatments , a heavy surgery and my body was changed forever. I am currently between a size 12/14 and I feel stronger than ever. I have been taking on spin lessons at Sunset Bike House for over a year  now and I have seen drastic changes in my body. I will discuss my spin journey in another post, as I strongly believe that exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial, no matter what size you are. I know that I am still working through the process of being healthier, but I also know that I am no longer that girl on the left and that’s ok. I am sharing all of this with you to show you that you should love your body no matter what size you are. The funny thing is that I have way more confidence today than I ever did over a decade ago. I credit becoming a body positive lingerie model for that transformation and I feel grateful everyday to be able to share that with you.

*Photo Credit on the right: Heidi Calvert Photography. As part of my collaboration with Nubian Skin Lingerie.

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