Those of you who have been following me for a while now, know that I love including my lingerie in my outfits. It took me a while to find pieces that were actually in my size. If you are a busty plus size gal you understand my pain.

My favorite (sold out ) leopard bustier is by Curvy Couture Intimates, they released it in 2016. That’s the only one I own and I love the practicality of it. I wear a size Large and the fit truly is on point. It has little hooks in the front that are easy to connect and you can adjust the bust support like you would with your regular bra by playing with the straps. You can also lace up the back, just like you would with a regular corset. The best part about this bustier is that it has stretch. The big selling point is that it goes all the way down to my belly. If you have a pooch like I do, you will love this as it will comfortably smooth it up. The Issue I have had with longline styles in the past, is that they accentuate my belly by making me look like I am bulging out even more. Unless I wear high waist tummy control panties and/or an under-bust corset. That doesn’t happen with that particular style that is really made for an hourglass shape and flatters women with fuller breasts and a belly. I wear that bustier mainly with my caramel high waist pants by British retro inspired brand Vivien Of Holloway and I love its  gorgeous nude shade that complements my caramel skin tone to perfection.

Caramel Perfection
Photo by Heidi Calvert Photography. Make-up by Natasha Marcelina.

For this look my friend and Emmy nominated make-up artist Natasha Marcelina gave me luscious burgundy lips, that perfectly go with the shades I wear. I would describe this look as Gangsta Chic Boss lady.

Photo by Heidi Calvert Photography. Make-up by Natasha Marcelina.

The final touch to that gloriously chic lingerie as outerwear look, is the matching 1950s caramel coat. This was a happy vintage find from Etsy! I was looking to find a Caramel coat like the one Marilyn Monroe wore. While the lining needs repair, I still adore this coat and I feel it really makes this look come together.

Marilyn Monroe Camel Coat Inspired look in the movie ” My Week with Marilyn Monroe ” starring Michelle Williams.

The faux bob is a wig I have owned for over a decade. I got it at a costume shop in Paris about a decade ago and I wear it regularly for my photoshoots. I really want to invest in more wigs, but I do feel the length and the look of that particular one is a match made to heaven, as the shape it goes so well with my oval face. I love how it draws the attention to my face and my curves. I often see a lot of plus size models with long hair and I think they really look stunning. But I love the edgier style that the bob gives me. I wish I could have my hair cut in that style, but it is pretty high maintenance.

Photo by Heidi Calvert Photography. Make-up by Natasha Marcelina.

Lastly, as previously mentioned this corset is currently sold out. I work a lot with Curvy Couture Intimates and I will be sure to let you know when something similar becomes available again, as it truly is a wardrobe staple for the plus size gal who wants to spice up her everyday look.


Photo by Erika Nelly as part of our Editorial for Adore Pin-Up Magazine.

My favorite and most worn corset is this black mesh corset that Phaze Clothing  sent me over a year ago for my Editorial in Adore Pin-Up Magazine. I love it so much and wear it all the time. Seen here worn with a pair of black leggings, opera length leather gloves and the Peekaboo bra  ($90) by British full-bust lingerie brand Scantilly. You can get a similar corset through Orchard Corset for $79. The slippers were by Lola Ramona from their fall 2016 collection, they always have some cute styles coming out, as the unique Danish brand they are.

Photo by Erika Nelly Photography for Adore Pin-Up Magazine.

For this particular look I wanted to include a black and white color palette and I sure did. This mesh corset cinches down to 30 inches. My natural waist is at 33 inches, so I am not in pain when I wear it and I am definitely able to breathe. I always love to accentuate my natural hourglass, but I am definitely not trying to have the smallest waist in the world. Truth is I never will have the smaller waist in the world and I’m totally ok with that.         I just love the feel of having my waist taken in and wear a well fitted top.

Photo by Erika Nelly Photography.

The modern touch here are the black leggings with a faux-leather fabric and the opera length leather gloves. I still really love this look because it is not too overly done and it’s very comfortable to wear. I also feel like the lingerie as outerwear look is very subtle here, since I am wearing all black everything. Wearing black adds a certain vampy look that I really love. I hope to fine more jewel tones or even metallic corsets in the future.



I have looked for a bodysuit that would fit me forever. I kind of had given up on it to be perfectly honest. And I thought to myself, well there simply isn’t an option for your body type. Then I discovered Ashley Graham‘s lingerie collection for Addition Elle, several months ago and I fell in love. I paired it with a thick vinyl belt and black pencil skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing, a sheer cardigan by Loco Lindo and my 1940s crochet purse I scored on Ebay.

Photos by Heidi Calvert Photography. Make-up on the second look by Natasha Marcelina.

These are the only two bodysuits I own and I love that they are classic styles that can easily be paired with a pencil skirt, high waist pants or even a sheer blouse. Ashley knew what she was doing when she decided to design those. I love the symmetry in both bodysuits and how the lines sculpted into the designs, will draw the attention onto the hourglass silhouette. Added bonus to the black bodysuit pictured above is the caged bra and the detachable garters. I love that the garters are removable, because I don’t always want to wear stockings. I know both styles are mainly black and that’s probably why I love them so much. I consider them forever bodysuits, at least until my breasts change again.

The price point was really amazing too. I got the two bodysuits for a total of $100.  They were $50 each and when you look at the quality and execution, I feel the price is fair. You can still find the Underwire Garter Bodysuit in sizes 2-4X on the Nordstrom website and they currently have a sale! You might also be able to luck out and find them on Ebay with a little bit of patience. I do know that there will be more bodysuits in the future by Ashley Graham, as seen on some previews I have seen on Addition Elle Instagram handle. I will be sure to mention it when the next bash of pretties comes out.


Shot by Heidi Calvert for my Editorial in the Superstar Issue of Ellements Magazine. Make-Up by Natasha Marcelina.

Here is a classic example of a more subtle lingerie as outerwear look. I paired a silver catsuit by Bernie Dexter with a black caged bra by Secrets in Lace. I added a panther necklace by Betsey Johnson, vinyl gloves by Timeless Trends and my classic black and gold heels by Lola Ramona. I love this look because it truly is reminiscent of Tura Satana’s look in the Cult classic Indie film “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” by Russ Meyer (circa 1965) It’s all about highlighting that cleavage.

“Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” by Russ Meyer (circa 1965)


Shot by Heidi Calvert for my Editorial in the Superstar Issue of Ellements Magazine. Make-Up by Natasha Marcelina.

Luckily finding a black caged bra if you are a plus size gal with a fuller bust, isn’t as hard as it used to. So many lingerie brands offer it. From Torrid to Ashley Graham for Addition Elle to Curvy Couture upcoming strappy bras, they all offer it now! (Stay Tuned for a special giveaway with Curvy Couture Intimates in early September to win your own Strappy bra)

Tura Satana in “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” by Russ Meyer (Circa 1965) Shot by Heidi Calvert Photography for Ellements Magazine (Circa 2016)
Shot by Heidi Calvert for my Editorial in the Superstar Issue of Ellements Magazine. Make-Up by Natasha Marcelina.

I love the strong feminine quality of this look. To me it truly embodies lingerie as outerwear without overdoing it. Again I am a big fan of styles that accentuate my hourglass figure and this definitely doesn’t disappoint. I added an under-bust corset, underneath my catsuit for a more cinched waist. I went down to 28 inches that time and it was pretty tight I’m not going to lie, as it is 5 inches smaller than my natural waist.

Stay tuned for more corset tips according to your body type!

The Va Va Voom Black Dress

The VaVaVoomDress

Shot by Angélique Noire, Heidi Calvert Photography & Jason Kamimura Photography.

One of my favorite things to wear when I go out is a black pencil velvet dress. It is so elegant, yet so sultry, simply chic and very “Parisienne”. Ever since I started pin-up modeling back in 2011, I have been wearing just about everything; and now I have a strong appreciation for black dresses. Maybe it’s because I was born in Paris, which is the capital of black dresses. But I find them to be easy to style, they look chic and put together on everyone. Frankly not all of us have the time to put together outfits or live for fashion. I remember during my beginnings as a pin-up model, I really believed that the loudest prints were a must.  I would occasionally wear black dresses, but I always thought to myself they were too plain. As I get older I adore black dresses as they are easy breezy and I simply don’t always have time to get creative when I am on the go.


On my way out to an event in 2016, wearing my Va Va Voom Black Dress.

I started my own PR company last year and had to focus more on the business aspect of things. That means that I don’t have as much time as before to style my outfits on a day to day basis. The Va Va Voom Black Dress (aka The Ethel Dress by Swedish designer Daisy Dapper) is a must have in one’s wardrobe.


*Photo shot at my 1920s apartment building by Angélique Noire.

“That dress is curve hugging and lightweight!”

Let me tell you about this dress. I was first gifted that dress back in 2015 by the head designer of the Swedish brand, Daisy Dapper as part of a collaboration. I didn’t know back then that this would become the staple dress that I wear the most when I go out. Wear it with long vintage black lacy gloves or without, with heels or not, you will always look smashing in it. That dress is curve hugging and lightweight! It is currently still available in a couple of plus sizes XXL and XXXL, so jump on it if that’s your size. You can’t beat the price either! It’s currently on sale at SEK 518 which is about $64 plus shipping from Sweden.


Shot by Heidi Calvert Photography. Shoes by Lola Ramona. Muah by Natasha Marcelina.

Last year my friend and LA based photographer, Heidi Calvert Photography, photographed me in the dress again for an Editorial that was published in “The Superstar Issue” of Elements Magazine . That was my first fashion editorial ever. And while I didn’t have new clothes from brands to shoot, this dress became an obvious choice. We are always told in the fashion industry to never wear the same dress twice, especially if you have been photographed in it before. But I don’t really care about rules, especially when they are that ridiculous. If I love a dress I will wear it until death do us part.


Shot by Heidi Calvert Photography. Shoes by Lola Ramona. Muah by Natasha Marcelina.

“If I love a dress I will wear it until death do us part.”


Photo shot by Angélique Noire wearing custom jewelry by Glitter Paradise and vintage gloves.

*Jenny’s Tip : “Wear an over-bust corset underneath your pencil dress to accentuate your curves, if you have an hourglass shape.”

One last word about the hourglass that you see in every single shot that is part of this column. I do have a natural hourglass that I accentuate by wearing over-bust corsets sometimes. They are the best corsets ever for my body type as they allow me to not wear a bra underneath my dresses. I also do not have a flat tummy and this type of corset keeps everything in place. So you won’t need to put on a body shapewear if you wear an overbust corset. My favorite one is the Sweetheart Satin Steel Boned Corset by Hips and Curves, that I received from a previous collaboration over a year ago.


Photo shot by Angélique Noire wearing custom jewelry by Glitter Paradise and vintage gloves.

It is not mandatory to wear an over-bust corset, I just do it because I love the sleek look and the silhouette achieved. That’s definitely a personal choice and you can make this look your own with or without a corset.

Thank you for reading! Bisous, Jenny.

*The Va Va Voom Black Dress Gallery